Sunday, March 16, 2008



Here comes the rhino
trampling through the city:
a clear crystal dino-
saur with no pity.
With a hideous demeanor,
it spreads its terror
no scope is keener
to either child or ring-bearer
An icy diamond
with a latticed desgin here.
When you hear the siren,
you'll have to sign here

patient no. 110 _____________________________

Try to see if u can find the meaning of the poem. Leave a comment thx. =)


Poetess said...

Hi. thanks for your comments on my blog today. I'm glad you liked the poems and the doll.

I really think you poetry is very clever. You have quite a talent.


ekhosama said...

thx a lot poetess.

I planned on publishing, but I don't know if anyone will publish my stuff. I'll just try to get lucky I guess.

Gerald Galindez said...

ekhosama is one of a kind poet ~_^

Gerald Galindez said...

ek thanks for the comments on "Lancets and syringes"

they prick me often to test my blood sample, and regulate my blood count,

my platelet count plunged to just 12, the normal is 150-200

i could've bled inside.

ekhosama said...

Oh my god, 12. Whoa, you've been through a lot Gerald. I'm glad you are okay. I have never been in anything that serious before.

Gerald Galindez said...

it was i think the most unpleasant feelings ever pal.