Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Level

Shining like blue beams was the city we love.

A top towers and rockets was the city above

After we being torn from the sky we know

We shot laughter and scorn towards the city below

And launched 117 feet to the city above

Killing hours of play as a labor of love

We saw where the water falls would flow

on the crystal caverns of the city below

Upon finding only enemy!s in the city of love

And grunting at the slopes in the highlands above

We latched on banshees to where the winds won’t blow

And plunged through the darkness towards the city below

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

old poem by mua

If thunder was alive

A theif robbed a bank in the bullet rain
He could not belive his luck
Thunder watched and did not speak
Thunder was thunderstruck

The pre-assassin whipped out his magnum
By which the bank owner was trapped
He kicked the gun into the air
And there was a Thunder clap

The mugger was whisked away
He’s now as harmless as a solan
Maybe on the morrow, he’ll strike again,
But today, he was thunder-stolen

The night became a whisper
Of ceaseless silent wonder
but as the rain gunned away the earth,
there was a Sound of thunder.

once again. alhamdulillah.

share your thoughts on this poem. What'dya think?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Scintillating Sorrow

Can u guess who this poem is talking about?

Hint: It's from a famous anime.

btw, did u notice the letters highlighted in red spell out hi man, you know that's cool XD

after all the horror after all the pain
after terrifically terrifying fire rain
that pelted on your windowpane
is left
cept the chaos reign

and young as I am, I, the chaos mage
deeply enraged by the chaos age
seen in a scene on the obscene stage
I am. but a burning broken biophage

and lest, I try
to stop, defy
what wrong deeds I
have done

the time of war
that we abhor
is on your door
a war
to be won

the dawn is dead
the snow is red
my heart, which has bled

which has bled for lust
is now diamond dust
and trapped in it I must

the crystal, the crust
of what

I have been looking for

Now I walk this ice on fire
this plank of pirate ship
My hearts burns, yearns. for its entire
weight has almost made me trip.
my mind an icebox my words satire
garbage departing from my lip

and this frozen cup of ice tea
ignites as I try to take a sip

Battling brute, pistols, and plasma cannons
across sixty regions, over giant canyons

bodies. do my katana rip

unsheath. at least,
unleash the beast
the burning wreath
that burns the birds beneath

I use to watch the red sun rise
I knew I had everything in front of my eyes
but despite desolation, sorrow's still a surprise
under skin,
deep within
the ember in
me dies

on angelic wings I take flight
bankai blue, kimono white
once upon a time, I was burning bright
now love is my kryptonite

Darkness is a pizza, I am the slice
(please forgive that coma splice)
the once-an-inferno is now a cube of ice
and sorrow alone shall have to suffice

And in my look of curtless dismay
I slay the prey every day
I am the child protege

I'm the raptor
Sorrow is my leech
Loneliness is my captor
for I'm the loneliest in Bleach

And as a member of my gotei
I am the youngest samurai

Monday, September 8, 2008


our intent for invention
is invent for convention
which meant our retention
shall be spent in detention

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Dark Knight


The dark knight rox
like gallocks in my sox

Was that cheesy? XD. I just had to make a poem about the best movie I have EVER seen..